The Fools English Immersion.

The Fools English Immersion.

It was a wonderful Day! And the seventh grade (A and B) and some students from the ninth grade went to NH to do an English Immersion. We arrived there at nine o’clock. Everything started with a simple smile saying: “Hi, How are you?”

First, we had a delicious breakfast (bread, cakes, milk, juice, tea, jelly, butter and peanut butter). Just healthy food! Then, each one could choose different activities to do, like: trail, macramé, carpentry, exploration, gift cards, cooking class, games, Ojos de Dios, etc. When we finished doing an activity we could rest or just improve our English. We had lunch and snacks! It was delicious!

The experience was amazing! The group was praised by their English and our politeness. At the end we did a valuation and we came back with only a certainly: You wish to come back!

Enjoy the photos!

Lomba Grande – Novo Hamburgo Sítio Pé da Terra.
September, 26th.
Teacher Giselle Grivot and Teacher Patricia Minguillo.

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